The Myth of the Broken Home - Guidebook for Single Parents

In The Myth of the Broken Home, author April Gabriellé has authored a must-have guide for single parents who are seeking to learn more about successful, effective parenting in any situation.

'Single parents face many challenges and often, these parents buy into the myth that the best parents are part of a mother-father team. Sadly, many parents believe it's impossible to succeed and this can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy,' explained author April Gabriellé.

She added, 'The reality is that with the right approach, parents can raise happy, healthy children who grow into thriving, responsible and successful adults. You don't need to be from a privileged background and you don't need to be a super parent. You simply need the right approach and that's precisely what I've worked to provide in this book.'

But, if anyone would have told me that I would be a single parent today, I would have probably slapped them for insulting me.  Are you serious! Not I. I mean who can honestly say that one of their goals in life is to be a single parent. That would be ludicrous. No, not Ludicrous the rapper, ludicrous as in  crazy. Actually, I was never one of those little girls who sat and dreamed of marriage and a baby carriage, and I never..........

The Myth of the Broken Home provides single parents with practical tips and advice as they work to build the confidence and inner strength that's required to raise their children the right way. It's precisely what parents need to buck the trend, proving that single-parent families don't necessarily need to fall into the stereotypical 'broken home' rut. Success is possible. Author April Gabriellé will get you started down the right path.

Purchase your copy today!  Look out for new titles coming soon, including The Myth of the Broken Home - 2nd Edition.

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